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Visualize Dimensions of our Products

Visualize Dimensions of our Products in AI now!!!

Visualize Dimensions of our Products in AI now!!!

I love the product but am not sure about the size?

I love the product but am not sure about the size?

Sounds familiar, right!!! Size has always been a challenge when buying online. We also face the same issues when buying stuff online. Yes, photos do offer a sense of scale but...

So to overcome this challenge, you can view the size of a product in the space around you using your smartphone camera directly through your mobile browsers using augmented reality (AR).

So how to do it? Look for View it in your space link in the product description, click on the link, scan the QR code using your smartphone and voila!!!

What do I need to use this?

  • - iPhone / iPad with iOS 12+
  • - Android device with ARCore 1.9+ support

How accurate is AR?

The 3D box is within 1 to 2 cm of the actual size.

Currently, this is available for few products and will be rolled out for other products soon.

You can also view the size & dimensions for few products from below links.

Mens Wallet 

Travel Folder 

 AI Image of Travel Folder



To ensure that you stay on top of your trip, we have curated some Travel Folder accessories to suit travellers traveling solo, with your partner or with family.

Personalized Passport Cover – This product does the job efficiently. While it protects one of the most important document that you have i.e. the passport cover and it’s also personalized with the color that you want, your name and a charm(s). Each member of the family can have their own personalized passport cover which is unique and can be easily identified.

Our personalized passport holders comes in over 50+ colors and over 100+ charms to choose from. It’s a must have for every traveller. We have also introduced MR & MRS PASSPORT COVERS with charms and are perfect gifts for couples.

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