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  • Apply code JUNKET100 for Rs. 100 off on orders over Rs. 999

Frequently Asked Questions

Why we don't have CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) option?

We do get a lot of requests from our customers as to why we don't have COD option as a method of payment. However, we initially tried it and faced few problems that is unique to a business like us. Let us point that out. 

1. PERSONALIZATION - Since our products are personalized, we can't resell them to another customer if the products are returned to us. Chances of another customer choosing the same name, colour and charm are highly unlikely. 

2. DELIVERY SERVICE - Our courier partners faced rejections when delivering the products. And if the products come back to us, then the product is as good as destroyed. This had led to losses in the past due to no fault of ours as few customers simply rejected taking the goods.

3. DELAY IN SETTLEMENT - We take help of logistics partners for courier and they collect cash on our behalf. This cash is credited to our account after 4-5 working days whereas online payments are credited within 2 working days. 

Had we been able to resell the returned products, we would absolutely be inclined to have COD payment option. Since these are personalised with your name and charms (which are riveted) they cannot be edited and sold to someone else. 



What is the material of the products that we use?


The materials that we use are cruel-free and vegan i.e. they are not real leather. They look and feel like leather but are NOT leather :)

It’s good for the environment. The material are called by various names such as leatherette, PU leather, Faux leather, Synthetic leather & leather finish.


How many days does it take to complete and dispatch the order?


All orders received by 6 pm will be dispatched on next working days (Except Sundays). Once dispatched, it usually takes about 6-7 working days or even earlier depending upon the location. We also do express shipping, please email us at with your order details and we will express ship it. Express shipping has additional cost which will be intimated on mail and additional payment will be collected by sending you a payment link.


How to take care of your passport?


The best way to protect your passport cover is by keeping it in one of our personalized passport cover. Only having a passport cover will not suffice. You need to store it somewhere where it is away from water and dust and is safe. We will also advise that you use other identity documents such as Aadhaar card, driving license or voter id for address and identity proof as they are more sturdy and not prone to wear & tear. Use passport for address and identity proof only if necessary. Rest is your choice. And please keep it away from children, you may find drawings on your passport pages instead of visas :)


What’s the difference between old passport & the new passport?


There are now 2 designs of passport. They are usually referred to as old passport and new passport. The difference is that in the old passport the back-side of cover and the backside of the rear cover had your picture and other information such as address etc.

In the new passport, your pic and info has been moved to a newly added specialized plastic page immediately as you open the passport and before the rear cover. This way with the new passport you need not take your passport out from the passport cover at airports or hotel. Thereby making it more easier to use.

Don’t worry, if you wish to carry both the passports incase the old one has expired or your visa has been stamped on the old passport and you been issued a new passport, buy our Frequent Flyer Passport Coverwhich can encase both the passports comfortably.


What is the importance of passport?

Besides containing all the memories of your travels, it also certifies the identity and your nationality. It contains information such as your complete name, your parents/spouses name, DOB, address, passport issues date and expiry date and your pic besides other information.


It is also needed for checking into hotels while traveling overseas and/or exchanging foreign currency. So protecting it is very important.

You can read more about passports and its history on the wiki page here.





Good practises while traveling with your passport?

It is advisable that you keep 3 clear photocopies & and click one set on your smartphone.

  1. Leave one photocopy home when you travel overseas.
  2. Keep one in your hand luggage separate from your passport.
  3. Keep one in you checked in luggage.
  4. And take a pic of the passport pages from your smartphone where your details are mentioned along with a pic of the visa of country you are traveling to.


Also, most hotels provide a safebox in the room, first thing is to ensure that you keep the passport in the safe box. Don’t forget the password of the safebox.


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