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Surprise your partner with personalized gifts

Thoughtful gifts to make your significant other feel special!

Valentine’s day might be over but the time for expressing love can never be. If you are stuck away from your significant other during these trying times, don’t fret for you are not alone. Statistics show that around 18% of couples are unhappy with their communication and bond over the lockdown. But most of them are looking to build a deeper relationship with their loved ones by spending quality time together; be it offline or online. Understanding this, we have curated a list of gifts you can give your significant other to help bridge the physical gap between you two and help them feel extra special. 

1. Purses with charms

    Women are infamous for carrying around bags the weight Atlas had to have. Everything in their purses is usually lost into a black hole as they lack compartments and everything is strewn around. Smaller wallet combo gift or pouches can help solve this problem. Adding a charm to the mix to personalize the bag? These Sweet Somethings For Her which are also very practical will have her appreciating you for sure.

    And let’s not forget how men don’t carry totes and resort to using their pockets or backpacks to store all their necessities. A chic-looking Sweet Somethings For Him combo containing a cardholder, wallet, travel pouch along with a free charm/keychain is to die for. Having all of them personalized with their name gives it the extra edge over the ordinary ones available in the markets.

    2. Matching Goodies

      What’s more special than having a matching object with your significant other? Nothing! Each time you look at it, you can recall the precious memories you both share and it will instantly brighten your day. So you should look for something that can be used at home and outside. A Personalized Set Keychains with your names on it would look so stylish hanging off of your backpacks or your keys. It’ll add the right amount of style to your everyday looks!

      The travel junkies who are sadly dreaming of a vacation right now can get Custom Couple Passport Covers so that you can match and get Instagram worthy shots the next time it is safe to be out and you decide to fly! They are made of high quality faux leather (we love animals so we wouldn’t do anything to harm them ever!) which are might I add, customizable! These covers will keep your passports safe and your memories safer.

      3. Diaries

      Ok, hear us out! If your significant other is obsessed with journaling or maintaining a personal diary where they record their everyday lives, this is a winner in their eyes. Or even if they are obsessed with writing poetry, stories, or anything under the sun. This is a very good gift for musicians who would love to write down some lyrics or lines they think of. Come to think of it, even people working in the corporate world can use these to jot down important notes. You can get them the Diary with strap in any one of their favorite colors BUT! If they are into vintage-looking items and like to collect them, you can get them Thread diaries!! 

      Pro tip: You can fill a diary up with polaroids/pictures of you two like a scrapbook! Get creative and make it more special than it already is. 

      If you want to explore more options, head on over to our page The Junket to check out the vast collection of gifting items we offer.

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