Why solo trips and where to go guide 101 !

There is something about going on a trip without any inhibitions and anyone holding you back. Don’t get us wrong! It’s nice to have company when you go to places but going alone will take you places. Solo trips are a great way for self-exploration of not only your dream destination but also your own mind. This experience will force you to grow and step out of your comfort zone. Additionally, you have complete freedom over your itinerary and travel budget! Now that we have you longing to go on a solo trip, here are a few places where you can fulfill this fantasy!

1. Manali

A place where people go to view the beautiful landscapes but come back with a totally different point of view, Manali is at the top of our list for a reason. An average trip to Manali should take you about 7 days but trust us! It may seem like a long time but it will never be enough! You can visit Rohtang pass, Solang Valley, Jogini falls, and the whole city of Kullu. Your Subhanallah dreams from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani can finally come true!!

2. Bali

Bali has a reputation for being one of the most rejuvenating places to visit after a breakdown or quarter-life crisis. Filled with Yoga retreats, beaches, volcanoes, temples, and coffee plantations, this place has something for everyone. This is one of the most budget-friendly destinations for travelers from across the globe. P.S. The whole of Bali will look exotic on your Instagram feed and you will receive several compliments for sure!

3. Italy

There’s so much more to Italy than just delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas. This place will make you fall in love with not only their food but also their rich culture and their rich wine. Italy is considered one of the best places to visit as a solo traveler. It boasts a lavish spread of art, history and It's a feast of art, history, and every single landscape that you can imagine!

4. New York

Every movie based in this miracle city has a galore of epiphanies! Standing in the middle of Times Square and looking at the word hustling around you has got to have a word dedicated to it. New York is known for hosting one of the most fashionable shows in the world; New York Fashion Week! Needless to say, their street style is impeccable and you can take a piece of this home with you by shopping in their thrift stores. You can change up your style and quite literally yourself. Hamilton was right when he said, “In New York, you can be a new man!”

5. Tokyo

Japan’s Tokyo is considered one of the most populated cities in the world. The vibe and energy of this city are unmatched. From the moment you walk in, you will be bombarded with mesmerizing technology that looks almost alien.  The Ginza neighborhood, Senso-ji temple, and the never-ending Ramen spots will make you want to live here forever. The Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is a must-see sight which we cannot do justice by describing but in short, it is a Fashion theme park! Wild! Adding to the list of theme parks, Japan also has a spa-themed amusement park. Talk about relaxation and fun!

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We hope you have a fun trip!

Bon Voyage!!

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