Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Someone truly said, “Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life”. Friendship day is right around the corner and we are sure that you must be in search of something perfect to gift your friends! For the ones who have been with you through thick and thin, you should find something that will last them forever. We bring you this friendship season, the most fun gift guide which will make your friends remember it for eternity.


1. Wallet

Your friends are way more precious than any amount of money in this world but that does not mean that they shouldn’t safeguard it! For the longest time, a wallet has been a symbol of wealth, success, and ability because it carries money and all of your other precious belongings. Gift them a chic wallet for men from our large range of colors and urge them to finally get rid of their age-old wallets. 

2. Hampers

Are you finding it difficult to select one gift to give them? Hear us out, why don’t you gift them the best of them all? A hamper has multiple products which are customizable and this will make the gift so much more special! Find the perfect hamper/combo for them and you can always add some flowers, chocolates, or anything else to give it a personal touch!

Talking about hampers, we have a hamper which is the “Baap” of all hampers. The Suave Hamper. It comprises a travel folder, men’s wallet, cardholder, diary, keychain, luggage tag, and a wire organizer!  Having matching accessories can make you look very chic and professional. It reduces the clutter of contrasting patterns and gives it a personal touch because of the customizable charm and name. Looking stylish has literally never been easier and god knows your friend needs this. Why settle for just one when you can get them the best of all worlds?!

3. Quirky passport covers

Is your best friend the one you want to travel the world with? If that’s a yes, you should seriously consider buying matching quirky passport covers to flaunt on your next vacation. 

PRO TIP: If you want to go above and beyond, plan a holiday, print out some tickets, and gift it to them. Make sure to record their reaction because it is going to be priceless! 

4. Sling bags

Being clumsy might be a trait for some people but some of our friends make it their personality. Dropping things everywhere, forgetting their belongings all the time, or struggling to find something in their backpacks is sure to embarrass them intensely. Save their life and gift them a sling bag to not only look put together but also to have their goodies safe.

5. Diary

Having a friend who’s an avid writer will show you how foggy their thoughts are and how much more chaotic organizing them can be. Writing them down in one place is certainly useful and scientifically proven to be better for retention as well. Even if they aren’t writers and just need a place to have their notes and thoughts in one place. Having a diary can solve all of these problems as it is a physical copy of all your thoughts.


We hope you found a gift or at least got some inspiration for a present you can give them this Friendship day. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends so take this year to find the perfect gift for them. If you would like to explore more options, head on over to our website and keep the hunt on!


A very Happy Friendship day from us to you and your friends!

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