6 Countries that are Open for Indian Travelers

The vaccines are rolling out, Restrictions are being lifted and travel is a “normal” thing to do again. Our excitement knows no bounds and we think you are thrilled too! The sun seems to be shining a little brighter and the world is our oyster! Following this known happiness, a few countries are opening their borders for us Indians to Travel wallet to and relax. So grab your passports and get your itinerary ready!


There are some basic requirements one has to complete before entering the country like being fully vaccinated plus showing proof and getting a negative COVID test result.

1. Costa Rica

It has the reputation for being one of the most visited places in Central America. Flooded with picturesque sceneries, beaches, and friendly locals, this place is paradise. An additional pro to visiting this place is that it will not drill a hole in your pocket. Visit beautiful places like Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Tortuguero and Corcovado. There are a lot more places to explore like waterfalls and adventure sports hills for all the adrenaline junkies!

[Testing is not necessary. Travelers must fill out the Health Pass form]

2. The Dominican Republic

Every single time you see a celebrity chilling by a postcard-perfect beach, there is a very strong chance that they are basking in the glory of the Dominican Republic. Lush forests, high mountains, and semi-desert areas are just a few of the landscapes you can gawk at. You can live out your most lavish Kardashian vacation at the beach resorts of Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and La Romana. We wish for your life to be filled with sea blues and no more Monday blues! 

[Travellers are not required to take any pre-departure tests but will be subject to randomized breath testing and health screening on arrival. Quarantine is required only if you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. Passengers must complete an “Electronic Ticket” form]

3. Egypt

When we say Egypt, you think of the magnificent pyramids, tombs, and mummies of pharaohs. Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot more to this ancient country than what meets the eye. As you guessed, Egypt is mainly a desert land that has sand dunes and desert track adventures but there is a lot more. There Red Sea's world-class coral reefs and wrecks for divers, cruising on the famed Nile River and shopping in their world-class markets make sure every single type of traveler is taken care of. 

[All arriving international travelers will need to present a negative PCR test certificate for COVID-19 taken at the most 72 hours before arrival]

4. Barbados

The Caribbean has many understated jewels and Barbados is among them. Colonized by the British, Barbados is English-speaking and has a distinctly British vibe. Cricket, horse racing, polo, high tea, and driving on the left side of the road are all part of the experience. There are caves, forests, wildlife preserves, and historic sites for you to soak in on your next trip. The Beaches of Carlisle Bay might be one of the most famous locations across the globe because of its perfect blue waters and warm sands. Other than that, Pebble Beach is one of the best stretches along the bay, but Brownes Beach and Bayshore Beach are also enticing spots. You can wade or swim in the placid water, rent a stand-up paddleboard, or simply relax on the beach. 

[Travellers (regardless of vaccination status) need a valid PCR test result on arrival. They need to take two more tests, one at the arriving airport and a second on day 8. Quarantine for 7 days is mandatory]

5. Mexico

The land of the Tacos, fajitas, and Quesadillas, Mexico is a treat for the eyes and tongue. Laden with a rich heritage of the Mexican culture and ancient civilizations, this country is a joy to visit. It's also a country rich in flora and fauna, as it is spread across climate zones that encompass everything from arid deserts to lush tropical rainforests. Cancun, the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, and the main city of Mexico [mexico city] are a handful of the heaps of travel destinations for you to have a fiesta in!

[There are no testing requirements. A completed “Cuestionario de identificacion de factores de riesgo en viajeros” must be presented to immigration upon arrival]

6. South Africa

The African Savannah is the official playground for some of the most majestic creatures of the wild. The Kruger and Kalahari Transfrontier parks are some of the biggest parks to pay a visit to the "Big Five": lions, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. Apart from wildlife, South Africa is home to places of great historic importance. The capital Cape Town teaches travelers about the nation's turbulent history. The city of Soweto is the birthplace of the great Nelson Mandela who helped birth democracy in the nation. South Africa is a beautiful place for you to visit if you love the wild and history in one place. We cannot suggest this trip enough!

[Passengers older than 5 years entering South Africa must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued at most 72 hours before departure from the first embarkation point. A completed “Traveller Health Questionnaire” must be submitted not more than 2 days before departure]


Now that you have a travel bug crawling up your spine, feed it and help it grow by going on a trip this time of the year! But before you go, make sure you check out our range of Passport Covers and Travel folders to keep you organized and chic this vacation. Tag us in your holiday posts on your next holiday! Hope you have a great trip!

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