10 things to do this VALENTINES DAY!!!!

So the D-Day is finally around the corner and you are probably confused or under immense pressure as to what to!!!

Don’t worry, we have you covered as always and are listing some awesome ideas to ease the pressure.

But before you plan anything, remember to apply for a day off from office or clear off your calendar so that whatever you plan goes off smooth.

  1. Take an impromptu trip outside the city – Escaping the ordinary is one of the best ways to relax, chill and have some great US time.
  2. Cook a fancy dinner together – If you are in the mood, then just look up your partner’s favourite cuisine and cook it up together with some great wine & music.
  3. Book a table at that fancy restaurant – To avoid any last minute planning hassles, simply book a table at that fancy restaurant NOW. It could be that restaurant you have been planning to go with some one special. What better way then Valentines Day.
  4. Attend a Live Concert – There are tons of good LIVE music places that you can visit and simply let your head down and dance with your partner and connect over some great dance & music.
  5. Visit a BREWERY – We are finally seeing a lot of great brewery’s opening up in the country with some great craft beer and house wines!!! So simply do brewery hopping !!!
  6. Comedy Now – Head to a comedy show. Well, it would be best to do some research before you book those tickets so that there are no last minute shocks.
  7. Couple Massage – Book a nice couple massage therapy session. Its one of the perfect ways to beat the work blues you may be having. And then head to a great dinner post the therapy session. Trust us, you will be glad that you did this.
  8. Double Date – Head out with your BFF and his/her partner. You guys can have some great bonding session and reconnect with old memories.
  9. Theater – Book movie tickets in that upscale halls where you can literally lie down and watch the movie while your favorite snacks are serves in your seat. Just spend some great time together.
  10. Netflix Night in - Set up some cool jazzy lights and get cuddly with you baby and watch the awesome Netflix series that you have heard of but couldn’t take time out.

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