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Gifts for Doctors

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Express Your Appreciation for Doctors by Gifting Them Personalized Travel Products

Give them fancy, unusual gifts, and the doctor will hardly notice! In the enormously busy life of a doctor, gifts should mean functionality and usability. Otherwise, they’re just going to end up passing them on to their hospital staff. The medical profession demands its health professionals be constantly on the move. Many doctors travel to other cities to attend to their patients or conduct surgery. Apart from that, many doctors also frequently fly to international destinations in order to attend medical conferences and high-profile meetings. So, if you wish to gift something special to a doctor, you might as well go for personalized gifts for doctors. First, run an internet search using phrases like "gifts for doctor" or "gifts for a doctor in India". 

The Junket store offers some exclusive categories of gifts for doctors in India. Here you can avail yourself of personalized gifts for doctors that are highly customizable. The caduceus and stethoscope symbols are always associated with the medical profession. A caduceus or a stethoscope charm is added to distinguish doctors from the rest of the populace.

Gift Categories Available at The Junket

  • Passport Covers: Elegant and classy passport covers are available at our store, specially curated as gifts for doctors. There are various versions of the passport cover available in beautiful hues. Whether you're shopping for a lady doctor or a gentleman, you can pick from a variety of color options. The best thing about these passport covers is that they are customizable with the facility for personalization. Metal charms, alphabets, and numbers are offered to effect the desired personalization. There are passport covers grouped into categories like "caduceus", "stethoscope", "caduceus color", and "Doctor Special Limited Edition" for the purpose of gifting, especially to doctors.
  • Travel Folders: These are also specially categorized for doctors. "DR Travel folder", "Caduceus Travel folder", "Stethoscope", "Caduceus color", "Doctor Special Limited Edition" etc. are some of the pre-defined categories available in the Travel folder section.

Besides these personalized gifts for doctors, you can also have your own customization done on the products. An additional charm can be added either on the top right or on the top left corner of the passport cover or the travel folder. There can be nothing better than buying gifts for doctor's family from The Junket online store. Present these gifts to your special doctor, whether they are your friend, wife, husband, daughter, father, sister, brother, or just your family doctor. These gifts are sure to capture their hearts. Every time they travel around the world, they will remember you with a smile on their faces. After all, these stylish and mod gifts will add a dash of tang and fervour to the otherwise mundane and busy lives of these life-saving angels on earth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to pay additionally for the name strip and the charm?
No, they are inclusive of the price of the product you have purchased. But if you wish to add another charm to it, you will be charged for the same.

Q. What is the material used in the products?
Our products are made with non-leather vegan material. We comply with global environmental standards.

Q. Do you provide gift boxes for free?
Yes, the Passport Cover comes packed in a reusable gift box.

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