Tap Sensor

Automatic Multi Tap Sensor assures that the user does not touch the tap and also saves water. Prevents spreading of germs. Ideal for homes where house help comes from outside. Must for washrooms & pantry in offices. 
  • IR sensing reduces touch contamination, especially for hospitals and public areas
  • Quick Response (0.25 secs) & Touchless Dual Sensors Faucet, which will meet all kinds of need of water usage without wasting water.
  • Bottom sensor is for shot-term water need, It will automatically stop when object leaves the sensing area (i.e. 10 cm), and there is an overflow protection which will STOP water in 20 seconds even if there is an object in sensing area, it can be restarted by waving object again.
  • Comes with 6 adapters to fix any type of modern taps, Battery can be charged with any micro USB charger, it lasts for average 6 months.
  • Flow and leave it on - This device will do the rest; Override on/off switch lets you turn on or off manual
  • Easy to install and use - Simply run your hands under the faucet and the water comes on automatically Water will stay on until you move from the sensor.
  • Fits most faucets Does not fit rectangular faucets, short spouts, pull out faucets, shower heads.


Side Sensor - 0 - 5 Cm

Bottom Sensor - 0 - 10 Cm

Weight - 105 gms

Size - 60 x 34 x 49 mm

Waterproof Grade - IPX6


Automatic Water Saver Tap x 1

 Mounting Wrench x 1

Sealing Ring x 3

Adapter x 6


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