10 Countries that will PAY you to relocate

Have you been thinking of moving to a new country altogether. There are lots of countries wanting to attract talent and are making it easier to move. Easier said then done, right !

And finances play a very large part in moving to a new country.

What if a country was to pay you to move there? Wouldn’t that make things a lot more easier!

And today is the best time to move than any time in the past. You have all the information available out there. And if you have a special skill then it becomes all the more easier as lots of countries are wanting to increase their skill pools.

We are listing down few countries that offer financial assistance for you to move if your profile is what they need. This is just a basic list. You will have to deep dive on the internet to get more information or meet with an immigration expert.

  1. Chile

The Chilean government has started a special program for startups in 2010 if you want to open a start up in Chile .

The government will pay $50,000 for you to start your business. Over the past years, they have come with extremely start up friendly policies such as low tax rate. The cost of living is also quite low. So if you have an entrepreneurial bend then worth exploring.

  1. Ponga, Spain

A small village in Asturias region. It’s a very old village with amazing climate but the population is sparse with only about 700-900 people in the village. And most of the inhabitants are old as the young have moved out.

The government is offering about 3000 euros and additional 3000 for each child.

The conditions are that you need to stay put legally for about 5 years.

  1. Candela,Italy

If you fancy all things Italian then this could be your calling. It’s a very old town but is now on the verge of becoming a ghost town with only about 2500 people.

The town mayor is offering upto 2000 euros depending if you are single or have a family. You will also have to find a job and the minimum salary is 7500 euros/year.

  1. Alaska

It’s the entire north of North America. And is a part of USA. The region is very cold and that’s the reason a lot of people migrate to the US mainland. The ensure the stability of the region, the govt is paying a minimum of $800 per month. And you have to spend a minimum of 190 days in a calendar year apart from other clauses.

  1. Saskatchewan, Canada

A great place to study and they immigrate to Canada. The country offers CAD 20,000 as a non-refundable credit which can be claimed in parts for 10 years only if you study & live and make an earning from this region. It’s a beautiful Canadian city with lots of young population because of this policy.

  1. Korea, Vietnam & Thailand

These 3 countries offer some form of incentives to folks who native language in English so that they teach English courses. The standard of living is high in Korea but no so much in Thailand & Vietnam. Perfect blend of great city life, climate, food and travel. Migrating to these countries wont let you miss your current country because they are so lively and fun.

  1. Denmark

Denmark doesn’t offer any financial assistance directly, but they are one of the most entrepreneurial friendly countries for businesses to move to. There incentives are kind in nature as in once you migrate, you get access to the health and welfare access that is remarkable and an access to the entire European Union.

  1. Ireland

A great country that offers tons of incentives for start ups and businesses. They have their own initiative called the Enterprise Ireland whose main objective is to attract entrepreneurs and businesses. If you apply and you do get through then you will access to tons of grants in funding. You also get access to EU and an opportunity to work in Ireland which has many established startups that operate out of there because of tax breaks.

  1. Mauritius

The potential of Mauritius as a tourist destination has been discovered but its potential as a business hub is yet to be explored. Its well-connected now than earlier.  

You need to prove to a committee that your idea is unique, scalable and viable. If they approve then you a get a modest grant of around 20,000 Mauritian rupee to start up. It’s a heaven out of nowhere on this earth and a great tourist destination.

So you may explore each of these independently but do remember to keep in mind the following aspects.

  1. Cost of living
  2. Climate
  3. Local cuisine
  4. General economy – getting a job etc.
  5. Language
  6. Friendliness to outsiders
  7. You rights once you migrate
  8. Public health services


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